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Song of The Day: Bummerland

Bummerland - AJR

Why I like it:

AJR just released this song, and as soon as you hear the first line you know it's about the mess that 2020 has been.

I find AJR (Adam, Jack, Ryan... duh?) to be a group a goofy guys who do a really good job at not taking themselves too seriously. Just watch any of their music videos- they are deeply committed to making AJR fans laugh!

In this song they even talk about going overboard on haircuts after everything started to reopen after quarantine (bald caps were well used in this music video😂)

My favorite line in this song is:

Bummerland, give a cheer 'Cause you're only going up from here

This reassuring message is accompanied by AJR's signature music style: upbeat and fun sounds!

Listen now!

Did you like this song?

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