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Song of the Day: Him & I

Him & I (G-Eazy & Halsey)

Why I Like It:

This song is the graveyard of what was the cutest couple. I don't follow celebrity relationships too closely... but this one had me looking for my own James-Dean-looking-leather-jacket-wearing boyfriend. Just watch the music video and tell me they weren't the cutest?

About The Artist:

G-Eazy- Right now Young Gerald is using his platform to elevate Black voices. He has also pledged to donate 100% of his merch sales this month to multiple organizations that promote anti-racism.

Halsey- She is an absolute Queen and you can't tell me otherwise.

Similar to her ex, she is using her platform to share messages about anti-racism. Halsey has just launched a fund to not just amplify Black creators, but to also provide a platform for Black creators!

Truthfully, she is better off without G-Eazy... but (selfishly) I wish they were still together.

Listen Now:

Did you love this song?

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