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Song of The Day: Watermelon Sugar (PARTY BOYS Remix)

Watermelon Sugar (PARTY BOYS Remix)

Why I Like It:

Harry Styles' Watermelon Sugar has already been named the song of the summer, and this PARTY BOYS track is the remix you didn't know you needed!

It's the perfect song to add to your summer party playlist.

Brace yourselves, because you're not ready for this beat drop! 😍

About The Artists:

PARTY BOYS is one of Canada’s most diverse DJ/MC Duos.

DJ Smaye & MC Devo are from Toronto, Canada. They had the privilege of ending their 2019 quarter with Canadian Pop star, Tyler Shaw, on his nationwide tour, The Wanted Tour.

Their music influence is a mix of Dancehall, Afro, EDM and Pop.

You can expect PARTY BOYS remixes all summer! And I've been told by DJ Smaye that original music is coming very soon!

We're hoping to see them back tour in 2021!

Listen now!

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