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We are going on a Disney Cruise!

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

And we are bringing Nonna!

When I was 10 years old I promised my Nonna that when I grew up and had a "real" job, I was going to take her to Walt Disney World. This is something that Nonna brings up often.

She's not holding it over my head or anything... she just REALLY wants to meet Mickey Mouse (Or "Meek Mowse" as she says in her fantastic Italian accent).

Now that I am grown up and have a REAL job (10 year old me wouldn't believe that I get paid to go to WDW). it is finally time to take Nonna Sara on her trip to Disney!

For Nonna's 80th birthday we gave her a fake ticket that said "round trip to Disneyworld".

I think my mom snitched and told her it was coming, because instead of excitement she frantically searched the ticket (that we made on photoshop) for a departure date! "When, Alessandra?", she yelled. I could tell she was worried she wasn't going to have enough time to get her hair done before we left to meet Meek Mowse.

Now, I am not one for matching gear at the parks, but something about 80-year-old Nonna going to Disney is giving me a new perspective on the whole matchy-matchy thing.

Thanks to Cakeworthy, we will be STUNTIN' on other grandmothers and their grand children at WDW. Find me a fresher fit than the one Nonna is going to pull up to the castle in. Not to mention, she's going to be followed down Main Street USA by me and my sister. An entourage.

So here's the itinerary! We are going on a Disney cruise, then we are going to Walt Disney World. I don't want to brag, but this trip is going to be worth the wait, Nonna!

We have been on a Disney Cruise before, so we know The Disney Dream would be a perfect fit for Nonna!

The Disney Dream

We are going to be sailing on The Dream. It is a 3 night/ 4 day cruise that visits the Bahamas. We are mostly excited to show Nonna Castaway Cay, Disney's private island reserved for cruise Guests.

Photo Courtesy Disney Cruiseline

Nonna grew up by the sea, so the beach feels like a natural fit for her. Not to mention, we are going to be spending our time on Castaway Cay on the adult side of the island. Kids are great, but not at the beac.h.

Have you seen this photo spot on Instagram? Well-- you can find it on Castaway cay!

This was from our Disney Cruise in 2018.

As an added bonus the ship has an 18+ pool! Which means less pee in the pool... right?

There is entertainment, food, and of course characters on board the Disney Dream, so I cannot wait for Nonna to experience her very first cruise! She did come to Canada on a ship... and for some reason she has this perception that we will be taking her on a similar ship from the one she was on in 1958. I can't wait to watch her experience the grand entrance when we board the ship. She is going to love it.

Walt Disney World

After the cruise we are going to stay at Disney's Boardwalk Resort. This is perfect for her because she only wants to see the castle and Italy (and Meek Mowse). Those were her requests, and The Boardwalk is a walking distance to Epcot/ the monorail, so it seemed like a good fit for what we wanted to do. Plus, she's going to love the ambiance! .

I am most excited for her to see The Festival of Fantasy Parade. Although she is most excited to meet Mickey, Pinocchio is her favorite character, and he makes his appearance in the parade. I haven't told her about it, because I think that would be the perfect surprise for her.

I bought her this knotted Pinocchio the last time I went to Disney World, and she loved him so much. She thought he was hand knitted in the Italy Pavilion. I didn't have the heart to tell her it wasn't... so I took the "made in china" tag off of Pinocchio and said she was right.

This adventure begins on February 7th! Make sure you're following along on Instagram by clicking here!

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